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Let's bring Silicon Valley's Transit into the 21st Century

Why waste 4 years of your life driving?

It’s 2016 and we’re still stuck in traffic. On average we spend 100 minutes a day driving and 38 hours a year in traffic jams. Exhaust fumes depress us. City parking is impossible. But, we need to get to work every day and so we're forced to tolerate the hassle of driving. We want to change this and we have a plan.

Presenting Leo Express

Your comfort zone on the go

Never arrive tired & unprepared for work again. Eat. Drink. Rest. Relax. Enjoy your commute. The new Leo Express trains are much faster and greener than buses, and they don’t get stuck in traffic. We plan to take Bay Area transit, starting with the Highway 101 corridor, into the 21st century. Here are just some of our proposed improvements.

Free Wi-Fi

With onboard wi-fi you can make your time spent commuting more productive. Get your work done, check your email, or simply entertain yourself.

Food and Beverages

Skipped breakfast? Need your morning coffee? No problem. Our service offers a range of food and beverages to fuel you through your day.

Ergonomic seats

Our seats are a product of years of research into what's best for your health and comfort. We'll make sure you leave our trains refreshed and rejuvenated.

Time Saving

With the traffic on the 101, trains are quicker than cars. Our new Leo Express trains are amongst the fastest in the world. Let's shorten your commute.


Our trains are hybrid electric. They're quiet so that you aren't disturbed. They're efficient so that the environment isn't disturbed.

Door-to-door transportation

How do you get to the train station? How do you get from the train station to the destination? That's part of our seamless service. Don't worry about it.

Seamless Door-to-Door Transit

Our current public transit options have been incomplete. There are areas of the Bay Area that are still largely unaccessible and there is still no integrated solution to take us to and from the train stations. We're working to put an end to these problems.

Utilising technology for convenience and efficiency

Love your commute

Start by loving the experience. Our approach enhances the user experience of your transit. Making it simple, speedy, and seamless. Truly delightful.

Designed for you

Our app learns your habits and rewards you for them. It'll automatically track available benefits such as loyalty points and tax breaks.

Fixing the first and last mile

How do you get to the station? How do you get from the station to your destination? Just enter your destination and leave the rest to us.

Multimodal options

By seamlessly integrating with new & existing transportation options, we provide you with a variety of door-to-door options, allowing you to optimize for cost, speed or convenience.

One ticket to rule them all

Forget the days of scrambling through your various tickets. Our app will provide integrated payments & serve as your single ticket throughout your journey.

Fast and secure payments

Enter your credit card information once, and then we'll keep it secure and ready for you to use at your convenience.

Expanding the reach of public transit

We have plans to expand where trains can take you. Providing these new services will be universally beneficial by making the Bay Area more accesible to everyone.

Employers will have new commuter options connecting the East Bay, San Francisco, and the mid-Peninsula. A wider network of transport will lift geographical restrictions that employees currently face when deciding where to live. Everyone wins.

We're also increasing the frequency of trains. Being delayed a full hour just becuase you missed your train by a minute is terrible. We're going to make that a thing of the past by adding 68 daily trains.

About Leo Express

Leo Express is a proposal aimed at adding capacity at zero taxpayer dollars.

The Caltrain management operate a popular & successful service between San Francisco and San Jose, moving 60,000 passengers daily. However, both the highway and Caltrain corridors’ are congested and at seating capacity respectively. The official public plan is to add 20% capacity by 2022. Therefore, a private company called Leo Express has made a proposal to Caltrain and its stakeholders to form a partnership to upgrade the Bay Area Transit. Leo Express wants to help Caltrain management and stakeholders step up to the plate now by adding 50% capacity in less than 2 years.

Success in Europe

Leo Express is a European passenger railway company that is on a mission to make train travel your go to option for transportation. Integrating modern electric trains with energy efficient buses and the latest technology they set new customer service standards at fares that are as low as those of (subsidized) state railways.

Extraordinarily, Leo Express has required zero taxpayer subsidies to cover any operational losses because the service actually makes a profit - a concept that has long been forgotten in the passenger rail industry.

The Team

Leos Novotny

Founder, CEO

Founded Leo Express in 2010

Shaurya Saluja

Co-founder, CTO

Founder at Fleet, Computer Science at Stanford

Aditya Sarkar

Chief of Product

Computer Science at Stanford

Richard Tolmach

Director of Commercial Strategy

President at California Rail Foundation

Tom Messer

US Rail Operations Consultant

Former Manager at California Department of Transportation

Arthur Bauer

US Rail Institutional Arrangements

Former Adviser to California Senate Transportation Committee

Haydn Abbott

Finance & Procurement

Supervisory Board Member Leo Express, Former CEO at Angel Trains Group

We're actively looking to expand our team with software engineers, designers and product managers.
If you're excited about our vision and want to be part of our team get in touch with us at



These are some of the major employers in the Bay Area who would benefit from our proposal to upgrade Bay Area Transit. We may have a chance to work closely with them and their employees to accommodate their mobility needs.
...and many more!

Let's change the way we travel everyday

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